It’s hard not to fall in love with Indonesia. Made up of 17,000 islands it's no surprise that each one offers a wealth of incredible experiences from wandering around the colourful streets of Ubud, venturing into the quieter islands of Lombok and Java to be mystified by ninth-century Buddhist temples, and sailing through a tropical archipelago to hidden beaches..

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In A Nutshell

Lush Terraced Rice Fields, Stunning Landscapes and Wonderful People

When most people think of Indonesia, their first thought is Bali. Fair enough – the island has been attracting tourists for decades with its lush terraced rice fields, stunning landscapes and wonderful people. But beyond Bali, Indonesia has evolved. Java attracts with its ancient temples and huge volcanoes. Komodo offers mind-blowing diving and snorkelling (many say the best in the world), deserted beaches, and a surprisingly good food scene – a superb setting for a yacht-based trip. Sumba is spoken of as Bali forty years ago, relatively undeveloped, but with one stunning hotel that we love. All of these locations are filled with smiling faces, delicious foods and interesting customs (ever tried coffee with hot charcoal in it?), spiritual getaways for mind and body, great surfing, the best diving and snorkelling in the world, and tenacious cultures. One important note, since Bali’s reputation precedes it: it’s as easy to avoid the hip beach club party scene as it is to find it. On the whole, Indonesia seeps into your soul, grabs hold and doesn’t lets go.


From funky mid-century design beach side party spots to antique-laden living museums

Indonesia has a stunning array of variety when it comes to hotels. In Bali, you are spoiled for choice, with an overwhelming number of hotels. The key is to choose the right region and hotel for you, and that is where our on the ground research comes into play. You can find everything from the ultra-luxe Aman Resorts to funky mid-century design beachside party spots to antique-laden living museums. Whichever your taste, we’re sure we will find something you’ll love.


Breath Taking Experience in Indonesia

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Borobudur; the largest Buddhist monument on earth.s.

Take a cycling tour from the top of one of Bali’s largest volcanoes and make your way downhill towards Ubud through stunning terraced rice fields, local villages and past colourful temples.

Enjoy elephant trekking and tubing through unspoilt rainforest in Sumatra & encounter with the wild orangutan

Explore the beautiful region around Ubud while visiting private artists’ studios and taking part in a cooking class in a traditional Balinese home.

Relax on beautiful beaches of Bali.

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