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Tourism industry has gone through major changes in the recent years, people now look forward to have new experiences & be a part of the culture. And that’s exactly the idea behind the genesis of Redefine Travels. A not just another travel company that surpasses all the traditional ways to let travelers get under the skin of the regions we cover. Redefine Travels is your connector, consultant, editor, and arranger that choreographs everything from the big picture – hotels, guides, transfers to the tiny details like restaurant reservations, special activities and everything else in between.

How It Works

01True Customization

Trips are built from a basket of ingredients: people, places and things. Our job is to marry our expertise with your request. We start with a blank slate, get to know you, and follow the steps of our Trip Planning Process. Once you’re happy with the trip but not before, we pull it all together. Fine-tuning is not only allowed but it’s encouraged.

02Our first conversation

We have an initial discussion about your trip and determine exactly what sort of experience you are after. After that, we send you a “Pre Planning Questionnaire” which enables us to craft your trip. We carefully consider your trip criteria and then share our thoughts, ideas and suggestions to start the planning process.


Upon review of our suggestions and further discussion, we jointly come to an agreement on the itinerary. You then decide to have us go ahead with planning your trip, booking and confirming all the components. At this point, we request a Trip Engagement Fee.

04Trip Engagement Fee

This fee covers our costs – building a custom trip to suit just you takes time and effort. This fee also confirms our commitment to you – and your commitment to us to work together in crafting the very best possible travel experience.

05Price Breakdown

We do not provide an itemized breakdown for all of the individual costs of the trip. Since we work with many ground operators in different countries and the final trip cost comprises of numerous components including accounting for exchange rates, fuel surcharges, taxes, commissions and other costs. All of these go toward a final packaged price which we present to you. We always fully disclose everything that is included and excluded from the package price.

06Your Responsibilities

We recognize the faith and trust you put in us to plan your travel. That’s why we are committed to making your trip rewarding, but we require your help in that. We request you to respond to our questions in a timely manner to prevent delays in the planning process. We expect honest & constructive feedback and ideas from you. And we encourage you to bring forward your questions and concerns immediately for quick addressal.

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