Wine, gorgeous cuisine, outback artistry and jaw-dropping landscapes; our hip cousins down-under certainly know a thing or two about the good life. The sheer beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the wild and remote Kimberley, and the green, mountainous landscape of Tasmania are what make Australia so popular with travellers from all around the world. Throw vibrant cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney, superb food and wine and unique wildlife into the mix, and makes an ideal destination for any traveller.

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In A Nutshell

Stunning Island Resorts along the coast. Food, wine, scenery, culture, wildlife and history

First off, it’s a big country. Don’t expect to be able to visit the whole thing in one shot. In reality, it’s almost impossible to do so. As the country is divided up into a temperate and tropical zone, when you visit one, it’s the wrong time of year to visit the other. The tropical north (hot, humid and wonderful) is best in our summer (their winter) as the rains have subsided. The temperate south is best visited during our winter (their summer), as temperatures are hot, the skies are always sunny and you get to escape the doldrums of winter back home. The south has the biggest and best cities, loaded with culture, beautiful beaches and rolling vineyards. Splitting those two right down the middle is the outback, one of the most arid climates on earth and home to million acre cattle ranches, endless desert and incredible back country camping. Of course, we can’t leave out the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest living organism on the planet, and home to countless colourful fish and corals. The reef itself runs down the eastern coast of the country and can be visited from the mainland or one of the many stunning island resorts along the coast. Food, wine, scenery, culture, wildlife and history, it is all here.


Top end Lodges Offering Impeccable Service, Mind-blowing food, and lavish Comfort

Australia enjoys a wonderful mix of top end lodges offering impeccable service, mind-blowing food, and lavish comfort, as well as rustic owner-operated boutique lodges and farm stays, where you can get a true feeling for the Australian outback and a great taste of local hospitality. Most properties (that we use) are quite small, with only a few dozen rooms at most, as well as a number of exclusive use homesteads and lodges, where you are literally the only person within 100,000 acres. Second tier hotels tend to be a little bit larger and less personal, but still offer a high quality of service & good value. We do our best to offer you a mix of both the rustic & luxurious to give you a true taste of Australia and all it has to offer.

Park Hyatt Sydney
Park Hyatt Sydney
Saffire Freycinet
Saffire Freycinet
Qualia, Great Barrier Reef
Qualia, Great Barrier Reef


Breath Taking Experience in Australia

Wildlife walk – Get up close with local wildlife as you walk through the jungle

Helicopter & snorkeling tour to the Great Barrier Reef – Enjoy the view from above as you fly over the reef, and then get up close in the water as you snorkel with giant tuna, colourful corals and Nemo’s friendly relatives.

Hidden Melbourne – Explore the back alleys and laneways that make Melbourne so famous. Tiny cafes, art galleries, vintage shops and tapas bars all await, most of which are next to impossible to track down without some insider info.

Micro-boating – Jump in a motorized dinghy with a picnic lunch and snorkel gear and head off to find your own private beach; perfect for a romantic afternoon, or a great family outing.

Kangaroos & canapés – Take pre-dinner drinks to a whole new level as you head out to a historic homestead and sip champagne, while the local kangaroos emerge from the bush for their evening meal.

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