The hills really are alive in the intriguing country of Austria. Nestled in the heart of Europe, an inviting mix of cultural heritage, awe-inspiring alpine scenery, delightful vineyards and an astonishing range of year-round activities await the curious traveller.

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In A Nutshell

Beautiful Villages Surrounded by Majestic Alpine Landscape, Green Rolling Hills and gin-clear Lakes

Austria packs a punch. It plays host to an abundance of carefully preserved historical buildings dating back to the imperial heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; beautiful villages surrounded by majestic alpine landscape, green rolling hills and gin-clear lakes – all go into the makeup of what we think is one of Europe’s most visually beautiful countries. Whatever your motivation, you can truly make a case for Austria at any time of year, whether you’re after hiking, skiing, exploring countless museums and palaces or some serious chill. This European jewel really does have something for everyone.


Modern and Traditional Options

Austria’s countryside is peppered with charming, family-run chalets and a fair share of the castle and manor home variety. A mix of modern and traditional options awaits in the cities, ranging from opulent former emperor’s residences to new up-and-coming luxury guesthouses


Breath Taking Experience in Austria

Venture into the Austrian Alps – Nothing beats a day of hiking, skiing or chilling at the spa in the prettiest setting imaginable

Take the waterway – The Danube runs through large stretches of Austria. Take advantage and embark on day trips exploring the city of Vienna or nearby Wachau region.

Discover hidden urban vineyards – A short ride from the city centre will spit you out at Vienna’s thriving wine-making districts.

Walk beside crystal clear lakes or through flower-filled meadows, stopping at welcoming alms to treat yourself to coffee and apple strudel.

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