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  • July 8, 2019

Best Places to Visit in Greece to Enjoy it to the Fullest

Greece, the only word I would like to synonymize it with is ‘Grace’. Home for numerous small and big islands. While one needs to get tons of questions addressed to finally board a flight and get landed to this beautiful heaven, like:

What type of vacation I’m wanting to have?

What would be the ideal budget?

How long should be my vacation in Greece?

Who’ll guide me through?

I’m going with my family, my vacation might go chaotic…

And there can be hundreds of more.

But you don’t need to worry, cause we’ve got your back!

There’s one plain answer to everything? It’s Greece, and until you know and understand the top locations to the depth, their history, culture and significance, it seems impossible to foresee the nature of your trip and plan one.

So let’s hear it from top locations to visit in Greece and by the time you finish reading about these locations, you’d get all your questions addressed.

Top locations to explore in Greece:

1. Santorini


Santorini is a Greek island famous for its dazzling whitewashed houses with extremely pretty alleyways, gorgeous view of a lagoon formed by Caldera submerged in the Aegean Sea and for its unique geological features. There is something mysterious and purely romantic about Santorini that makes it so attractive that no one can avoid falling in love with the magnificent view of the submerged caldera and the island itself.

Let’s know about the sub-parts of Santorini…

a. Imerovigli 

A picturesque village, known for its whitewashed houses and caldera view. A totally unimaginable region that incorporates all luxurious amenities and nature’s beauty. You can enjoy the view of sailing boats and ships while enjoying your drinks and jacuzzi bath right next to your bedroom. The silent and peaceful alleyways are worth spending your mornings and evenings with your better-half. 

The blue-domed churches and structures present a golden opportunity for photoshoots, holding the potential to generate thousands of likes and followers on Instagram.

b. Oia

A coastal town in the north-west of Santorini. It’s again full of white-washed houses stuffed into the rocky hilltops that overlook a massive caldera filled with water and also giving a picturisque sunset view – a little different than Imerovigli. A little history that Oia incorporates is the 19th-century mansion augmented into the Naval Museum that exhibits model boats, regional nautical artifacts, figureheads of sailors, chests, models of old ships. At the pinnacle point of Oia, there lies its famous ruined castle that serves as a lookout point giving a complete 360-degree view to the region. It was the seat of the Argyri family dating back to the 19th century. Another recognizable structure of the region is a very old windmill that appears on most of the collaterals promoting Greece tourism. The town also has numerous restored churches dating back to ages such as Panagia church – built in memory of the sailors.

Oia also exhibits a wide spectrum of art galleries – the most popular ones of which are Art Gallery Oia and The Art Gallery – offering a minimalistic shopping experience with ethnic goods, handicrafts, jewelry, and souvenirs.

c. Kamari & Perissa beaches, The Red Beach

The two beaches known for their black sand formed out of the blend of sand with the volcanic pebbles. The beaches are full of shops, restaurants and hotels. The huge rock emerges out of the sea known as Mesa Vouno that separates Kamari and Perissa. Another popular beach is the Red Beach – again a very pebbly beach known for its red sand and stunning backdrop delivering opportunities for photoshoots.

2. Zagoria


Zagoria or Zagorochoria is a beautiful mountainous region in Epirus – northwestern of Greece. It is close to 1,000 sq. kl. in area and a home of 46 quaint villages nestled in the heart of nature. These villages stand out for their traditional architecture and wilderness. 

The most popular area in Zagori is the Vikos Gorge, a 20 km gorge, and the deepest gorge in the world with up to 1,600 feet depths. A hikers’ paradise. Warning! Vikos Gorge is not a like a walk in the park, it is for hikers only. But don’t feel discouraged, you can easily experience and pass through Zagori with the help of a guide and ensure to have hiking gear on.

3. Ioannina


The capital of Epirus, spreads out around its trademark – the beautiful lake Pamvotida. The still waters of the lake and its small island is that natural monument around which the whole town lives and breathes. The town exhibits strong culture and traditions. Moreover, it’s a home of great novelists and poets. Ioannina has a number of cultural and artistic events happening throughout the year and attracts visitors from across the world. Ioannina is full of secret places, wonderful buildings, the most popular of which are House Matei Hussein and the Ottoman mosque of Veli Pasha. Ioannina incorporates a multi-cultural society dominated by Islamic, Christian and Jewish influences. A great example is the Stoa Louli arcade where all three communities worked together and prospered. The arcade was originally an inn and then became a mercantile exchange of great importance.

Ioannina is also famous for its castle known as the Castle of Ionnina which is the oldest fortress in Greece. It was built in 528 AD by emperor Justinian, it inculcates a gallant expression of Byzantine Empire and holds significant influence over the whole town around. Ali Pasha, the Ottoman Albanian ruler also lived in this castle which is why it also delves into the memoir of Ali Pasha’s love for the lady Kyra – Frosini.

The town is also popular for its coffee shops and fruit syrups, locally known as ‘sherbat’ or ‘sherbatia’. Ioannina has always been a wealthy city which is why jewelery has always been part of the culture here. The beautiful jewellery of Ioannina, of traditional or original modern designs is still synonymous with understated elegance. Delicate earrings, intricate chains, ornate buckles, and silver ornaments are only fragments of the variety of craftwork that visitors have the opportunity have hands on to.

4. Mykonos


An island that would lure you with its incredible beaches, luxury hotels, iconinc windmills, lighthouse, traditional structures and houses, memorable alleyways and churches. The hotels all around Mykonos are whitewashed with colored windows. A lot bougainvillea is spotted everywhere. Mykonos delivers tremendous partying opportunities. Let’s decrypt it even more…

a. Mykonos Downtown and the Little Venice

The downtown is full of conical top windmills standing in rows beside the sea. The winds are usually really strong in this area. A quaint area where fishing houses line the waterfront with their balconies handing over the sea. Some of these houses have been converted into cafes, bars, shops, and galleries. A romantic spot for watching the sunset.

b. Ano Mera

Ano Mera is actually the second biggest town in Mykonos. It maintains a small town feel full of tradition. Though tourists visit here regularly, still it doesn’t get crowded unlike other places in Greece. It is a quiet place worth spending time and enjoying the essence of the island beyond parties. Here’s more Ano Mera has to offer:

▸ Gyzi Castle: This castle sits perched above the village. You can access it by walking but the climb is worth it. There are ruins here of things like the old local market, the castle itself, and even an old cemetery.

▸ Paleokastro Monastery: This monastery is also worth visiting and is located close to Ano Mera. Be sure to observe the rules of proper behavior when visiting.

▸ Panagia Tourliani: This is another nearby monastery that is also a good place to visit. There are some great views here. 

c. Kapari Beach

This small hidden beach is just north of Agios Ioannis. The perfect choice if you want to get away from the party atmosphere of other beaches on the island. This beach overlooks Delos, another island in the Cyclades group of islands.

d. Ornos Village

Located just 4 km from Mykonos Town. A quiet place that features two beaches: Ornos Beach and Korfos Beach. Shops and restaurants can be found in the village.

e. Minima Gallery

Perfect spot for the art lover. Minima Gallery is located in Goumenio Square in Mykonos Town. Paintings, mixed media, sculptures, and other types of artwork are featured.

f. Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios is a family-friendly beach that offers windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Also has plenty of tavernas and restaurants nearby to enjoy.

g. Folklore Museum

Located next to the Paraportiani Orthodox Church in Chora. The museum opened in 1958 and features local artifacts including pottery, photos, and preserved cannons. Museum is house in an old sea captain’s house.

h. Panagia Paraportiani

A unique-looking and popular church in Chora. The little white church is actually six churches built side by side. The oldest building was built in 1425.

i. Historical Municipal Library

The library is housed in the 18th century mansion of the Mavrogenous family. Houses over 8,000 volumes as well as 18th and 19th century coins, photographs, and documents. Museum is located in Ayia Kyriaki Square in Chora.

j. Super Paradise Beach

A smaller pretty beach that gets really active in the afternoon. And really popular for its night full of partying, music, dancing.

5. Athens


Who can conclude a trip to Greece without exploring the capital? Nobody!

Athens is a city that appears to have two existences. It’s hard to go anywhere in the city without being greeted with remnants of its ancient past, such as the ancient Parthenon and the various archeological findings that are scattered throughout the city. Besides that, however, it is also clear that Athens is a modern city. This means that when people visit, they have a choice – they can either enjoy all that the modern city of Athens has to offer, or they can learn about its past. Most people, however, don’t choose – they do both. Let’s know more about the places in Athens…

a. Ancient Acropolis

Home of the Parthenon and the ancient Agora, the acropolis itself is actually quite massive. Being in the presence of such ancient history is sure to be the highlight of your trip.

b. National Archaeological Museum

Many of the artifacts that were found at the Acropolis and other places throughout Athens and the rest of Greece are being stored at the National Archaeological Museum. 

c. Plaka District

The Plaka District is a neighborhood that sits below the Acropolis. There are plenty of shops, tavernas, and restaurants here to enjoy time here. If you would find this district soothing then you should plan a stay here since there are several great hotels in here as well.

d. Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square, also referred to as Constitution Square, is a site you won’t want to miss. At the square, you’ll be able to glimpse the Greek Parliament building, which is also the Old Royal Palace, as well as witness the changing of the guards. A little warning though, time and again protests against the government happen in the Syntagma Square.

To sum up

Though Mykonos, Santorini and Athens are the top places in Greece for anybody, be it a honeymoon trip, family holiday, a corporate vacation or anything else. But other places are also worth trying. 

Well, I’m a guy who has sailed through Greece and experienced it to the depth, if you are planning a visit to Greece then please let me know and my team will create a customized itinerary based on the nature of your vacation and would love to accompany you. Here you go

So that’s all about Greece from my side. If you’ve made it till here than I would like to thank you and hope that you enjoyed reading.

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