• Arjun Sehgal
  • May 28, 2019

Mihir Garh Fort – The Magnificent and Unrivaled Desert Beauty – Thar Rajasthan

On the land of Marwar, one day sitting in the lap of the sand and enjoying the silence of the great Thar Desert, Sidharth and Rashmi thought to shape the charm of this serene simplicity of nature in the form of a palace. The couple built this castle with an idea of sharing the holiness of the desert with others.

The mockery, rejections from friends can never stop both the personas from constructing this splendid sculpture situated in the middle of Jodhpur.

This gleaming Mihir Garh fort exhibit the beauty and charm of the desert. The couple has uniquely created its extraordinary entity. Brick by brick they made this pleasing complex. Every nook and corner of the fort is designed so well that it seems whole of Rajasthan has come under one roof.

Location and Area of Mihir Garh

This prominently admired fort is situated 64 km away from the airport, 3 km from the bus stop and 12 km from Jodhpur Railway station. Started in November 2009, this boutique has nine finely designed suites which exclusively offers pure luxury. Expanded in the area of more than 1700 sq. feet the fort shines like gold.

Design, Artwork & the suites of Mihir Garh

Mihir Garh is more like an opulent private villa with its own plunge pool and outdoor terraces. The craft work here almost looks Moroccan or Arabic in style but is pure Rajasthani. The sexy sequined silk bed throws, dark wooden beams, giant rugs, handcrafted mirrored fireplace make Mihir Garh a complete palace in itself. Unlike other palaces in the state made of hard stones and artificial architecture, Mihir Garh is made of clay, cow dung and limestone. The ‘Zharokas’ gives the feel of royalty. The mud paintings on the walls of the Zharokas and cushions of intense peacock blue colour are simply adorable. The floor is exclusively made of limestone to keep the interior cool.

The interior of Mihir Garh is starting from the colour scheme to the handmade cushion covers, curtains, bed covers, old brass light lamps show the rich culture of Rajasthan. The collection of showpieces, classic utensils and royal ambiance give the feeling of a true ‘MAHARAJA’. The mirror & thread work of western Rajasthan, paintings, murals and miniature speak for themselves. Every mere thing in Mihir Garh is an example of the true craftsmanship of local artisans, decorators, carpenters and masons. The village women of Khandi and Haji have lovingly created the fireplaces using age-old technique of cow dung and clay! From paintings to curtain holders, every little thing has been specially designed for Mihir Garh. They replicated the art of village Khandi and Haji to decorate Mihir Garh.

The suites are fashionably furnished. They are divided into two floors- Ground Floor is called the ‘Alishan’ which comes with its own plunge pool and personal courtyard. The suites on the first floor are called ‘Shandar’ and have an exclusive open-air Jacuzzi along with a private terrace. The suites are constructed with the help of talented team under the supervision of the couple. The flooring of each room has been done using a special plaster technique known to only one man in the entire region. Each room has its private plunge pool and a terrace. Mihir Garh is constructed with natural materials with modern techniques like rainwater harvesting, proper sewage system, solar panels for hot water etc.

Services at Mihir Garh

Visitors at Mihir Garh come to feel with nature. The exotic welcome drinks on a sultry summer afternoon or a fireplace morphing into an intimate friend on winter nights whisper to indulge with the peace of the place. The suites have all modern amenities like flat screen TVs, DVDs, Tea & Coffee stations and minibars. One can also rejuvenate at the poolside or can enjoy the Villa’s spa. The muscle-soothing foot and body massages in the spa, followed by a long soak in the freestanding bath with its epic trio of arched doors looking out to the desert is mind-blowing. The food has the true taste of Rajasthan. The dining hall is traditionally built with a perfect dress code to match the style of Mihir Garh. They offer superb village safaris showcasing the prevalent Bishnoi tribal culture surrounding Mihir Garh. The signature equestrian program mesmerizes the nature lovers. Horse riding of Marwaria breed is the main attraction of this program. Luxurious picnic beside the lake in a beautifully decorated tent and traditionally cooked food are really appealing. The recipes come from books on traditional Rajasthan cooking and culinary workshops and demonstrations are held so guests can learn to make the delicacies that they enjoy here. The shikar dinner will let you relive the past. One can experience the solitude in the starlight. The bonfire with soothing Rajasthani folk music on a winter night takes you to another world. “Its authentic and unique Rajasthani feel, which is difficult to find even in other places of the state, is what has appealed to people who have visited Mihir Garh,” says Rashmi.

The desert might be dry, but the birdsong is plentiful and roaming antelope up to the wildlife quotient. 200 species of birds visit this area in winters. It’s also a twitchers’ paradise. The culinary workshop at Mihir Garh allows the guests to experiment the traditional taste of Rajasthan with their own favorite recipes. They practice the recipes until they get the confidence and recreate it at their homes. They enjoy the delicious food at a special dinner. It is a perfect host and true to its heritage.

Mihir Garh has all that one will need to live like a Maharaja. It is a sand castle, an opulent private villa. It is simply amazing. It gives you a little more what you ask for. In the landscape dominated by sand dunes, one can embrace the adorable artistry and can feel fascinated with nature.

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